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Returning to Tanzania

I am leaving for a 3 week trip to TZ in the next 2 weeks. I look forward to spending time with my Tanzanian family: Ezra, Neema, Christian and Nancy(jr)!

I am also spending a few days with the Missionary Sisters of Our Lady of Apostles at Bugisi Health Center. Neema, Ezra, and I will have the opportunity to present more prenatal vitamins, khanga fabric, and funds for prenatal ultrasounds.

One of my nieces has also made small knit hats for some of the babies. Thank you, Natalie!

Our progress at the Health Center has been impressive over the past year. The number of women attending the prenatal clinic appointments, as well as delivering their babies under a controlled and clean medical environment, has improved dramatically! It is heartwarming to see the year's data show a decrease/absence of maternal/infant deaths.

With the increase of the number of mothers attending the health center, the Sisters and their staff have worked tirelessly to care for each and every mother and newborn. Neema and Ezra have also worked hard to obtain and deliver our supplies that were purchased with fundraising dollars/TZ shillings. I am so grateful for the support we have received to date and ask you to consider regular donations over the next year. Without your support, we can't provide the lifesaving prenatal vitamins, khangas, and ultrasounds which mean so much to the mothers in that area.

I also ask for your prayers that God protects all of the families we care for, watches over us, and continues His overwhelming support and guidance for us. For without Our Lord, we are lost. It has been His "Grace" that has shown us what to do. That is why we named our foundation the Nancy Foundation. Neema and Nancy both mean "grace". God bless you all, Nancy

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