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We're Making Strides!

Welcome back! We're so happy to announce our plan has improved the lives and decreased maternal/infant mortality statistics in Bugisi Clinic! There have been no mother or infant deaths during this high risk period (SEPT-DEC) thus far. There have been 10 low birth weight babies born in the past 2 months, but they have survived.

There were 66 clinic deliveries in OCT vs 35 in JAN 2018. There has been an increase in registered pregnant women coming to the clinic, ie: JAN (48), AUG (111), and OCT (63). Women coming to the Antenatal Clinic for appointments included: JAN (156) and OCT (208).

Reporters have come from two highly visible publications to hear our story! The Clinic received a score of 98.5% for health services by government inspectors. They were impressed by the increase in the numbers of clinic visits and deliveries, due in part by our initiatives, per Sister Kate. Sister apologized for the increasing expenses/numbers, but they are due to pregnant women telling others about the services available at the health center, stated Sister Kate. We at Nancy Foundation are pleased, as this was our goal: increase access to care.

One article was found in "News Today", July 11, 2018, entitled Nani Kama Mama "Who's like Mom", a logo found on one of the fabric khangas.

Another well-known newspaper, called Nipashe "Give me news in English".

This article wrote about our story of Nancy Foundation and working with Bugisi Clinic to establish prenatal vitamins, fetal ultrasounds, and the khanga project. It explained that the rate of women attending the clinic's maternal services was low, compared to when the Nancy Foundation Program was introduced. Several women who benefited from our project were interviewed. They stated that "the prenatal vitamins taste good", and "they are so thankful for the khangas they received to wrap their babies in". They were also "happy to hear and see the baby's heartbeat in their womb" through the ultrasounds we provided.

As always, we truly appreciate any help you can provide for prenatal vitamins, prenatal ultrasounds, and khangas to wrap the babies in! Our PayPal donation tab is on our website, as well as our Facebook page for Nancy Foundation Tanzania Corp. God Bless You.

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